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Sakhtazma Consulting Engineering Company web site
6/26/2019 10:47:10 PM
Sakhtazma Consulting Engineering Company web site
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Sakhtazma Consulting Engineering Company web site
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Sakhtazma Consulting Engineers Company was established by ministry of Maskan  in 1992 to meet the goals of Ministry of Housing and Urban Development as well as to promote and develop the culture of building construction qualitative control in civil projects. It was registered under No. 89324 with Corporate Registration Bureau. This company has a central organization located in Tehran and 26 branches in Centers of other Provinces. It is equipped with excavation machines, curtain grouting equipment as well as physical, mechanical and chemical labs for testing soil, rock, and water and building materials in the direction of rendering services in geotechnical and building materials testing fields.


Being awarded highest ranks by State Organization for Planning and Management (grade 1, 2, 3) in geotechnical consultancy service group and employing scientific and experimental capabilities of more than 80 specialized having B.Sc. to PhD certificates, 140 civil technicians as well as applying up-to-date excavation machines and modern lab equipment have enabled this company to carry out more than 1200 geotechnical projects and finalize about 1150 local lab contracts.

Applying developed facilities and using most equipped excavation and grouting machineries have also enabled the company to be ready to offer best services in the field of grouting, execution of props and piles as well as traverse structures.

Sakhtazma Consulting Engineering Company web site